Two Important Reasons to Use a Pet Urine Odor Remover In Your Home

Urine Odor Remover

When you have a pet you’re likely to need a pet urine odor remover in your home sooner or later. Pets can still have accidents even when they’re well-trained, as they may urinate when startled or excited or out of anger or aggression. Older pets especially are prone to accidents as they cannot get to the door quick enough or may not realize that they need to go before it’s too late.

Using a pet urine odor remover in your home is good to remove the bothersome odors themselves but these can also be important for a number of other reasons. Rather than trying to use carpet or floor cleaner or just ignoring the odor and hoping it will go away, consider two reasons why you always want to keep this type of product in your home when you have a pet of any breed.

1. Odors can irritate sinuses and mucus membranes.

The reason you smell anything is because chemicals created by certain substances are inhaled and cause your sinuses and mucus membrane to react so that your body senses an odor. When you smell urine, this is not only unpleasant but the chemicals in the urine that create its odor can be irritating to your sinuses. Being around the smell of pet odors is then not only unpleasant, it’s unhealthy!

If you can smell urine left behind by your pet, the chemicals in that urine are being inhaled and they can bother your nose and your sinuses, causing damage to your mucus membranes. Rather than tolerate this and hope the chemicals go away, it’s best to remove the odor with a pet urine odor remover.

2. Odors can linger long after you think they’re gone.

When the brain is subjected to constant stimulus such as noise or odor, it tends to tune it out after a short period of time. This is why people who live in cities often don’t notice the traffic noise but visitors will notice it right away. In the same way, you may not notice odors in your home simply because your brain has shut them out, whereas visitors may notice those odors immediately.

This is another reason to use a pet urine odor remover in your home. You may think the pet odor is gone but it can still be there and very strong, so that your visitors are bothered by the smell the minute they walk through the door. You may also be bothering your own sinuses without even realizing it simply because you’ve tuned out that odor.

The right pet urine odor remover can eliminate the source of the odor quickly and easily, allowing you to rest easily in your home. Your visitors will feel more comfortable and you will know that you are breathing healthy air. S.U.N. urine odor remover product, labelled as a grade A professional odor neutralizer aims for a Do-It-Yourself cleaner that provides professional advice to get professional results.

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