The Best Vest for Dog: Raincoat For Summer

Vest for Dog

Summer is here and that means hot days and sometimes torrential rain.

The season that comes in the middle of the year is known for its ever present heat. However, due to the onset of the hurricane season in some parts of America it can also spell trouble with rainy weather.

Pet owners looking to keep their dogs safe during the summer period want to have an adequate solution for their canine family member’s needs. Many people are starting to recognize their dogs as full-fledged members of the family. Some have considered purchasing dog raincoats to keep them safe.

Dog owners are buying their pet’s accessories to look fashionable but also to take into consideration how practical the purchase will be. According to Twilight Dog, their Reflective Vest for Dog is the best dog raincoat to buy this summer. It serves the dual purpose of keeping the dogs highly visible when on the road and dry during rainy weather.

Your dogs are protected by the reflective bands that form part of the dog raincoat. They make the dog very visible during both the day and night. During the night the dog raincoat will reflect against car headlights. So, with this dog vest, your beloved pooch will be visible in even low light conditions from up to five hundred (500) feet away.

When dogs get wet, they have a sharp decline in their body temperatures which makes it more likely for them to develop hypothermia. This can make them sick and develop lifelong illnesses. The Twilight Dog Raincoat is a vest for dog that will keep your dog warm and protected from the summer rain. Additionally, the need to bathe the dog after a trek in wet weather is reduces as the dog raincoat prevents against the wet smell that some dogs have after getting drenched in a downpour.

When questioning if your dog requires a dog raincoat, you will need to consider the area you live in, the temperature it gets to during the summer, the breed of dog you have and the dog’s age. The dog raincoat from Twilight Dog is very adjustable and will fit many sizes and breeds of dogs. One size fits many with adjustable chest diameter or 32-36 inches and length from neck to bottom of the dog raincoat of 17.5 inches.

The dog raincoat is made from 300D Oxford Weave fabric with 3M reflective tape. This high quality material is an ideal fabric for this type of purpose. According to Twilight Dog, this makes the product extra durable and capable of lasting for a very long time. The dog raincoat though tough to the outside environment is made from breathable material that is suitable for the long, warm summer days. It is also comfortable and lightweight.

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