How to Make Poop Scooping Not So Awkward Using Doggie Poop Bags by Bensie Boy

Doggie Poop Bags

Already, the whole idea of picking up dog poop sounds, well… not rad.  And you may be thinking, how can that be something cool?  But, there are ways to take care of your dog’s mess and still look cool while doing it.  I mean, think about it.  If DuchessKate Middleton could do it, what makes you think you can’t?

So, of course, when you are walking your dog you need to be properly equipped with doggie poop bags that are durable and strong; those that will not break or tear easily.  The doggie poop bags by Bensie Boy are simple black bags that can hold up to 20 pounds of dog poop.  I think this would be perfect for any dog, especially the larger ones with bigger appetites.

These bags go with any outfit, but more so, the dispenser that comes with the bags is much classier.The T-bone shaped green dispenser is lightweight and easy to carry around.  They come with a cute little hook that can be easily attached to the dog’s leash or collar while you take the pooch for a walk.

Bensie Boy’s dog poop bags are bulk bags of 720 that can last for at least two months, depending on how often your little one goes poopie.  But, at least you know you can have a few rolls at specific points stashed away to ensure that you are always prepared for any surprise.

Your little one might surprise you with a litter on your neighbor’s lawn as soon as you start walking.  I don’t know what it is with neighbor’s lawn but it seems there is always some kind of preference with other people’s lawn.

You know that maybe your neighbour has been watching to see what you will do then.  Of course, you might start thinking how much they might be looking at you scornfully if you pick up the poop but you might just be wrong.  If I were that neighbor, I would be pleased to see you pick up that litter and get rid of it in the trash.  Many people get upset over dog poop left on their lawn by other dogs.  It is always best to prevent any form of conflict, especially such over dog poop.  It is not worth it.

If you use Bensie Boy bags you would have no issue with getting poop on your hands…that is gross.  The bags are long enough to cover the average adult hand fully while scooping poop.

How to Envision the Task of Poop Scooping

If you think about poop scooping as a problem, you will have a problem with scooping.  You must first consider how much of a nuisance dog poop is to the environment.  The dog poop, if not properly disposed of with a quality doggie poop bag, can become a health hazard.  Persons or other pets that come in contactwith the poop can get sick from the bacteria and pathogens in the poop.

Plus, the poop can get washed into water systems and cause contamination of the very water you receive in your home.  Let’s not even go into how stepping into poop can be rather disgusting and irritating.  So, if you really think of the dangers that poop has to the environment and for persons and pets, you shouldn’t have a problem with scooping.

Looking around you will see that celebrities with their celebrity dogs are not being a nuisance to the environment.   So often we see shots of celebrities including Miranda Kerr, Billy Ray Cyrus, Ali Lartar, Katherine Mcphee and even her majesty Kate Middleton doing the responsible thing and taking up their dog’s poop with their doggie poop bags.  The truth is, no matter how much money you earn that does not count when it comes to poop scooping.  Once you have a dog, you are not exempt from the responsibility of picking up his or her poop.

Anyway, maybe if you think about yourself as a celebrity while walking your dog you would be more driven to take up your dog’s poop.  That could be some kind of motivation to you perhaps.  And, if that is not motivation enough, then maybe you are too cool to have a dog…just maybe.

OK…maybe there is much exaggeration on my part there.  But, on a more serious note, just bear in mind that many cities have laws against leaving your dog’s poop and not scooping it.  The only way to be sure not to get caught up in any problems with the law is to always be sure to take along some doggie poop bags while you walk your pooch.  Now, that should not be too awkward, don’tyou agree?

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