How to Get Rid of Your Dog’s Poop the “Green” Way Using Dog Poop Bags by Simply Pets Online

Dog Poop Bags

Are you a dog owner that likes to go walking with your pet?  During those walks, how many times has the trooper stooped to take a poop?  Probably two or three times.

If you really love your dog, you would definitely see him/her as a member of the family which means they get the same care and love like everybody else.  Unfortunately they can’t pre-warn us, unlike kids, when they want to take a poop so preparations can be made.  We wish they could, if only they could talk!

This is where we have to step in and be the poop picker-upper whenever they deposit their little surprises.  Yes, that is probably the most disliked part about walking your pet, or owning a dog in general.

At one point or another, some of you might have considered whether or not you really need to clean up your dog’s poop, especially when they go in public places, all because you might see it as being a little gross.  But, you might have realized that your dog’s poop is not at all beneficial for the environment or others around. Unfortunately, unlike cow or goat droppings, dog poop does not easily act as a manure for plants. In fact, it is the complete opposite.

The dog poop sits on soil, lawn and plants and blocks sunlight and removes useful nutrients needed for growth.  Dog poop sometimes include eggs of worms and parasites as well, that can live in the soil for many years.  Maybe you have seen yellow patches on your lawn or in public parks.  Dog poop that is left unremoved could definitely be the cause of this.

Apart from the harm that dog poop poses to plants and lawns, dog poop that is left lying on public paths, park lawns or sidewalks they can be a greater threat.  Due to rain and floods, the pathogens in dog poop can get washed into water bodies and contaminate potable water.  This water may end up in the home and consumed, which can lead to health hazards and symptoms such as salmonella, diarrhoea, vomiting and the contraction of hookworm, roundworm, and tapeworm.  Let’s not even begin to think about how disgusting it is to actually step in dog poop while walking in public, even worse when children do it, – the stench and embarrassment does not go away very easily.

These are the reasons why we definitely need to take the time to clean-up after our beloved dogs.  Dog poop removal and disposal is a big environmental issue because some dog owners don’t do the responsible thing and pick up after their dogs and dispose of their poop properly.

There are three ways that dog owners dispose of their dog’s poop and still protect the environment.   The poop can be bagged in a biodegradable dog poop bag and subsequently trashed, flushed or buried.

It is best to use a completely bio-degradable dog poop bags by Simply Pets Online. These dog poop bags are made with HDPE plastic and D2W additive and can be trashed, flushed or buried without harming people or the environment.  Simply Pets Online’s dog poop bags are deliberately made with a 22cm x 30 cm dimension to prevent your clothes or skin from coming in direct contact with the poop while you poop scoop.

As a dog owner you should be considerate and pick up after your dog.   Kids usually play on the grass and they are the most susceptible to diseases.  So, dog poop left lying around can affect you, your children, as well as other pets.

When you poop scoop, please ensure that you properly dispose of it.  Be sure to use a reliable and secure bio-degradable dog poop bags by Simply Pets Online so that you can flush, trash or bury it afterwards.  You could also be a good trooper and clean up any other dog poop you come across that some other dog owner left behind.  After all, you get 180 bags in one pack of Bio Poops biodegradable dog poop bags.

As a dog owner, always remember that keeping the environment clean helps to prevent widespread illnesses and to preserve nature so we can all do our bit for helping the planet, and our pets. Dog ownership is a wonderful thing but we must all be responsible pet parents.

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