How to Dispose of Your Dog’s Poo

How to Dispose of Your Dog’s Poo

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Learn how to dispose dog poop using a plastic bag or you can also scoop it.

Curbing which was the most popular way to dispose of dog poop has now been questioned due to health issues. A curbed dog is taught to dispose its waste right by the curb when on the street so that when the rainfalls it can be driven into the nearest gutter. Dog poo contains a lot of bacteria however and once it has been swept by the rain into the gutters it goes into lakes, streams and other water sources which causes humans to get sick. So since curbing is now prohibited how do you properly dispose of your dog’s feces when on the road? Handling dog feces can be very unpleasant so here are 2 ways you can use to carry out such a task.

How to Dispose of Your Dog’s Poo

Bag it

This is the easiest and quickest way to dispose of your dog’s poo as you can just throw the bag in a garbage can. Since method is shunned by many however because of fear that the poo may get on their hand. However if done properly that fear can be erased. Use medium sized oblong shaped bags as they are big enough and the shape makes it easy for the poo to ease into the bag without much help from your hands. If a bag alone does not cut it for you then you can travel with latex gloves, and make sure to have wipes and or hand-sanitizing gel. To bag your dog’s poo simply:

  • Place the bag over one hand like a glove
  • Pick up the poo with your bagged hand, if done on grass make a claw-like circle and try to get as far down into the pile as possible and carefully lift the poo.
  • With your other hand hold the lid of the bag and turn it inside out so that the poo is retained into the bag.
  • Tie the bag into a knot and dispose it in the nearest trash can or if you choose you can have it flushed down the toilet (minus the bag) and dispose the bag in the trash.

How to Dispose of Your Dog’s Poo

Scoop it

If even the thought of using upsets you then there is an alternative, the pooper-scooper. They have different kinds but it basically consist of a handle at the top a long arm and a double shovel at the end. Pooper- scoopers are quite difficult to carry if you are walking your dog, however it is great for owners who have dogs that continuously poo in the yard.

Having dog poo laying around is unhygienic, considered nasty by many and can be despicable so it is best to pick up your dog poo and properly dispose of it. Curbing is prohibited hence using any of the 2 aforementioned ways are best. There are also other ways to dispose of your dog poo although those ways are more expensive such as buying a waste digester system or hiring poop scooping services. Whichever way choose it is best to get rid of your dos’s poo.

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