How To Care For Your Pet Birds

How to Care for your Pet Birds

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Find out the tips on how to care for a pet bird.

Birds are exotic creatures, more exotic than dogs and cats hence a lot of individuals are uncertain of how to properly care for their pet bird. Birds like every other creature however just need the basics; love, care, attention, good nutrition, and a home.

The first thing you will need is a bird cage, if you already have bird then that should be taken care of if you are planning on getting a bird then you need to get a cage. Here are some tips on how to take care of your bird once you have brought it home.

How to Care for your Pet Birds

*  Place your bird cage in a secure area or room, away from other pets. Yes overtime your bird may need to socialize but just ensure that they cannot be scared or tormented by your other pets. Place a small bird birth in the cage for your bird to clean itself and make sure that you keep the cage clean, the cage should be cleaned at least twice per week. When cleaning the cage the following should be cleaned as well

  • Perches and toys
  • Replace the sand paper at the bottom of the cage
  • New food and water
  • Clean water for bird bath

How to Care for your Pet Birds

*  You will need to keep your bird healthy so feed it healthy food that is specific for its species. Also allow it to exercise based on the toys placed in its cage and ensure that the cage has enough space for your bird to fly around in. if your bird gets sick or you think it might be sick then consult a vet.

* Buy a little fiend to keep your bird entertained, especially if you and or your family is out for long periods on a daily basis. When at home give your bird lots of attention and make things fun or your bird.

*  Allow your bird to leave the cage now again and fly around in a secure room. Make sure all windows are closed and curtains drawn, ceiling fans off and any dangerous instrument covered or better yet removed. You will also need to know how to catch your bird so that you can return it to its cage.

How to Care for your Pet Birds


  • Once a week sterilize the cage with hot water, never use bleach.
  • Since birds are intelligent you can also train your bird to be obedient and to understand you.
  • Some foods are dangerous for birds such as avocado, cherries and rhubarb.

Other than bird foods you can treat your birds now and again with fruits such as apples or melons

How to Care for your Pet Birds

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