Grooming Advice and the Importance of Selecting the Right Dog Shampoo for Your Pet

dog shampoo

Your dog’s hair is very different from human hair, and therefore requires different products to maintain it. The care routine may vary slightly from breed to breed, but there are some general guidelines to keep the dog’s hair healthy.

To begin, never use shampoos made for humans on your dog. Human skin has a higher PH level than dogs, and pet products are specifically made to address this. To cleanse your dog, choose a specially formulated dog shampoo such as BVH Premium Dog Shampoo to deep clean the dog’s hair without destroying the animal’s delicate PH balance.

You can also maintain coat health with regular brushing. This removes loose hair that can tangle and cause the coat to look matted. Use the brush to firmly massage the coat to stimulate circulation in the skin and promote a healthy, shiny coat. Regular trimming and cutting of the hair will depend on the breed of dog and how fast the hair grows.

You should also inspect your dog regularly to check for cuts and wounds, as well as look for signs of hair falling out. This can be a sign of a bigger problem which if left untreated, could be disastrous for your dog’s health. Intense itching should also be closely monitored, as the dog’s skin may be excessively dry underneath the coat. There may even be a flea infestation that has gone unnoticed.

In all these instances, you need to pay even greater attention to the shampoo you use, especially if your dog has sensitive skin or allergies. These conditions may be exacerbated if the formula has harsh chemicals that can lead to dryness and add further damage.

If the coat has an obvious smell, your dog could just be dirty after rubbing itself somewhere less than pleasant. However, if after a good cleaning, you still notice the offending odor, there may be a bigger problem. Check with your veterinarian to see if your dog has a bacterial infection that could be causing the odor.

The vet can advise you on choosing the correct shampoo for your dog. The dog shampoo and conditioner from BVH Pet Care does not contain certain harsh chemicals such as sulphates, parabens and dyes. In fact, the all-natural oils will deep clean the hair, while being gentle on the dog’s sensitive skin.

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