DIY Cat Tent

Good day everyone! Today we’ll be doing a DIY Cat Tent. Without further ado. Let’s do it!

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To start of, cut the hooks of the hangers,

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Push one end of the hanger, on the corner of your cardboard, pooking about 1 inch to the other side.


Use your pliers to bend the end of the hanger, at 90 degree angle.


Secure it to the cardboard using a tape.


After securing the other end, put the other end of the wire on the opposite corner of the cardboard and secure it again to its place. Repeat this procedure on the other corners of the cardboard and should look like this.


To put walls on your tent frame. Use an old shirt and put the frame inside the shirt..

Secure the end of the shirt and sleeves using a safety pin.


To finalize your tent, put a soft and comfy blanket as a base or floor for your cat.


Now, your cat can start camping inside your house!


Your cats love it! How about you? I hope this tutorial is helpful. Enjoy watching your cat loving your own made cat tent! Cheers!

To watch the full video tutorial click here.

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