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5 Ways to Help Your Arthritic Dog

arthritic dog

Seeing your dog in pain can be quite heartbreaking. The sad eyes and droopy countenance can leave you feeling helpless, not to mention if they are also making painful sounds. If your dog is faced with pain from arthritis, there

The Best Vest for Dog: Raincoat For Summer

Vest for Dog

Summer is here and that means hot days and sometimes torrential rain. The season that comes in the middle of the year is known for its ever present heat. However, due to the onset of the hurricane season in some

Best Training Tips | Dog Tricks

Best Training Tips | Dog Tricks

Courtesy of: Howcast Pick up some tips on how to teach your dog tricks from professional dog trainer Andrea Arden in this Howcast dog training video. Tricks training doesn’t have to be just be the training of things that you

Two Important Reasons to Use a Pet Urine Odor Remover In Your Home

Urine Odor Remover

When you have a pet you’re likely to need a pet urine odor remover in your home sooner or later. Pets can still have accidents even when they’re well-trained, as they may urinate when startled or excited or out of

How to Get Rid of Your Dog’s Poop the “Green” Way Using Dog Poop Bags by Simply Pets Online

Dog Poop Bags

Are you a dog owner that likes to go walking with your pet?  During those walks, how many times has the trooper stooped to take a poop?  Probably two or three times. If you really love your dog, you would

Why Dog Shampoo & Conditioner is Important

Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Dogs roll around in dirt, even mud and go on digging expeditions, so they will get dirty and need a bath. Well, to be frank, even if you are the protective type of dog owner that does everything in your

The Hazards of Dog Poop by Bensie Boy Dog Poop Bags Bulk

Dog Poop Bags Bulk

Picking up after your pet is something no one wants to do or think about. However, the 83 million dogs in America produce 10.6 million tons of poop every year and the existence of all that waste has consequences. It’s

Surprising Ways That Using a Pet Grooming Tool Benefits Your Family

Pet Grooming Tool

If you have a pet, you want to make sure that you’re grooming it regularly. Dogs and cats need to have regular grooming to get rid of their excess fur and to make them feel relaxed and comfortable. This also

Grooming Advice and the Importance of Selecting the Right Dog Shampoo for Your Pet

dog shampoo

Your dog’s hair is very different from human hair, and therefore requires different products to maintain it. The care routine may vary slightly from breed to breed, but there are some general guidelines to keep the dog’s hair healthy. To

How to Make Poop Scooping Not So Awkward Using Doggie Poop Bags by Bensie Boy

Doggie Poop Bags

Already, the whole idea of picking up dog poop sounds, well… not rad.  And you may be thinking, how can that be something cool?  But, there are ways to take care of your dog’s mess and still look cool while