Being Prepared with Dog Poop Bags

Dog Poop Bags

Dogs can only be dogs, so when they have to poop they will do it anywhere they are.  Bearing in mind that the faeces of dogs are highly toxic, due to the high concentration of nitrogen, the health hazard is something to be highly considered.

As a dog owner, BioPoops dog poop bag is an essential item to have with you anywhere you go with your pet.  Dogs love to go be free, that is why they enjoy walks and driving trips.  It is important for the dog owner to take their pet for a walk every now and then.

This high concentration of nitrogen is unhealthy for lawns, naturally because they are not essential nutrients for plant growth.  While dog poop sits on an area of the grass, that patch is also losing out from sunlight and oxygen which allows it to grow.  This is why you find that grass becomes yellow and dried wherever there has been dog poop sitting for a while.

If your dog is not trained to use a certain area in the yard to go poopy, they would do it virtually anywhere – most likely on the lawn.  You would then realize that the lawn loses its lushness after a while if your dog poops stay there for a while.  Also, when the sun hits the poop the smell becomes highly unpleasant.   If you leave your dog’s poop without cleaning it up, you can quickly become the abhorrent neighbor.   Dog poop scents can carry over to the neighbor’s house which can be highly uncomfortable.  At times, dogs also escape from the yard and end up pooping on the neighbor’s lawn.  If this happens, the right thing to do is clean up the mess left by your dog. Your neighbor might end up taking personal actions against your dog and hurt him or her, to your displeasure.  But, as dog owners we must bear in mind that stepping in dog poop is rather unpleasant and in order to get rid of it a rigorous clean-up process is required.  This is even more horrible if this was caused by a neighbor’s dog, because you do not own a dog.

Dog poop harbors parasites and these parasites can cause the spread of illnesses.  If there are children around that play in the yard and play with dogs, they can be exposed to harmful bacteria that can affect their health. Dog poop harbors flies and parasites that cause the spread of illnesses like diarrhea, vomiting and serious illnesses like Salmonella in severe cases.  Parasites living on the poop can also cause those who come in contact with the poop to develop ringworm, tapeworms and so on.  This is not limited to children, but is really a concern for everybody that comes in contact with a dog directly or indirectly.

Having  a dog poop bags for scooping your dog’s poop is necessary at all times. Dogs are unpredictable and they cannot warn us when they feel a poop coming.  Imagine the embarrassment to be caught in public in a position in which you cannot clean up your dog’s mess, especially when the act is considered punishable by law.  As a dog owner, trainer, walker, it is always best to have a dog poop bag or two on standby.  In fact, it is recommended to buy these dog poop bags in bulk so that you can have some stored away in various places – in your car, handbag, at home and so on.  Accidents can happen anywhere, and again, unlike children, dogs cannot tell us when they what to poop.

Never allow that moment to occur wherein you are unprepared when your loved one leaves a little surprise for you. Being unprepared could not only get you in trouble with the law, but also cause serious health risks for those around.

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